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Viv Kohlenbach-Wilson


What I do

I’m Viv Kohlenbach-Wilson (or Viv K.Wilson if I’m keeping it easy) and I help businesses price, sell and lead with confidence.

Having spent twenty years specialising in category growth drivers, pricing strategy and shopper marketing for some of New Zealand’s biggest consumer brands and organisations, my expertise is in identifying game-changing insights that marry both data and behavioural insight.

When you balance data driven insights with commercial EQ* you create a culture that both customers, and employees, value and will go the extra mile for.

*Commercial EQ captures emotional intelligence and currency that spans leadership, communication, team engagement, customer affinity and emotional pricing value

In the nutshell, it's about unlocking passion, purpose and profits.

My mission is to help grow organisations and leaders people love. Inside out. & Outside in.

At a personal level, it is about helping people push past limiting beliefs, leaning into their personal value and leading with authenticity and compassion.

Working with sales and marketing teams, I offer both workshops and consulting options as well as personal coaching for individuals and leadership development.

What I offer

Customisable Workshops:

·             Winning through Difference ‘Pit Stop’.

·             Winning through Difference ‘High Performing Teams’.

·             Winning through Difference ‘Leadership Development & Communication’

·             Pricing with Confidence

Personal Coaching:

·             Winning through Difference ‘Personal Brand Builder’

·             Winning through Difference ‘Leadership Development’

I am also available for consulting projects and/or coaching to support teams working on category growth drivers and pricing strategy.


'When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.' - Dale Carnegie

My story

It would be fair to say I’ve had more than my share of defining, character building moments in my life. Some of which includes the trials and tribulations that comes from growing up with one hand, having lost my right hand in some farm machinery at the age of six.

And while for the most part, I have had to deal with judgement and pity, I was lucky enough to have had two amazing mentors whose encouragement and support have forever left their mark.

As a result, I would say this has given me a heightened emotional awareness and compassion and concern for others. It has taught me resilience and given me an admirable determination to push past any obstacle, a honed sense of creativity and hunger for problem solving. 

Ultimately it is what shaped my purpose of helping people push past limiting beliefs, leaning into their personal value, and having the confidence to show up authentically every day.  It is why I love being a parent and is what has led me to support and coach others.


One of the hardest roles I’ve ever had was as a netball coach. And I’m talking only 11/12 year olds! So while having fun and giving everyone a fair chance was the first and foremost priority, that competitive streak in me was constantly challenged by the desire to improve their performance as a team and execute everything you’ve been drilling in, in a game situation.  Not an easy situation when you have to coordinate so many personalities, egos (especially parents’) and different skills needed for different playing positions.  

And if I wasn’t busy enough, we also have a small online business selling eco-friendly Scandinavian dishcloths and brushes – born out of a passionate dislike for the manky disposable cloths available in our supermarkets and discovering these beautiful products in Denmark and needing to help our son fundraise $8,500k for a World Challenge trip with their school to Nepal. You can read more about that here.

Connect with me today

Email: viv@thethinklink.nz or phone +64 21 489 850


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